Speedo Power Paddle Plus

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The Speedo Power Paddle Plus are the best swimming paddles you will find at the pool. They have uniquely crafted edges to help push you through the water. These training paddles develop strength, improve technique, and maximize comfort.

The Best Swimming Paddles at the Pool

The Speedo Power Paddle Plus are developed using the latest technology and provide the perfect amount of resistance. Similar to how fins work lower body, these paddles will assist in building upper body strength.

Given the durability and reputation of speedo paddles, we feel these are the best overall swimming paddles you will find at the pool.

Benefits of Swimming with Paddles

There are many benefits of swimming with paddles. Firstly, paddles add variation to workouts. It is healthy to mix up and focus on certain muscle groups.

Paddles help swimmers learn how to properly pull. Research shows it is best to pull straight through.

Athlete Approved Tip: Try removing the bottom wrist strap, using only the finger strap. If you pull straight through, the paddle will stay on. If you pull using the outdated “s-curve” technique or lose a hold on the water at any point in your pull pattern, the paddle will fall off.

Pulling with a high-elbow-catch is one of the most important aspects to swimming. The fancy term for this is EVF (early vertical forearm). Paddles help you feel that sensation.

Multiple Holes

The construction of the Speedo Power Plus paddle allow water to pass through. It also allows for various strapping configurations.

Four Sizing Options by Color

  • Blue = Small
  • Red – Medium
  • Yellow = Large
  • White = Extra Large

Athlete Approved Tip: Using equipment is also fun. There is nothing wrong with strapping on a pair of paddles and fins going fast!


Athlete Approved Guide to Using Paddles for Lap Swimming
View our article on the best paddles for lap swimming. Speedo Power Plus Paddles are our top pick!

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  1. Dave Seshwick

    Nice durable paddle and looks sharp.

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