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The DMC Elite Fin is a durable fin perfected for building strength and propulsion.

  • Silicon material delivers maximum comfort.
  • Thrust of fin evenly works the up and down kick.
  • Color options make it a beautiful fin.
  • The toe-drain-release ensures it stays on your foot.
  • A favorite for lap swimmers and body surfers.
  • Please reference the sizing chart in the image gallery.
  • For team orders of 5+, contact us here for volume purchasing options.

DMC Elite Swim Fins: Comfortable, Durable, and Looks Great

There are many types of fins on the pool deck, but the DMC Elite Fin stands out. When evaluating a fin, we look at several factors: comfort, durability, effectiveness, and style. This fin is graded A+ in every category.

Who Should Use the DMC Elite Fin?

Fins can be used by any and all swimmers. Our Athlete Approved Team have found DMC Fins to be great for beginners through elite swimmers.

These fins will help beginner swimmers get that extra propulsion to keep body position horizontal and on top of the water. Elite swimmers love this fin because it gives the right amount of force to go fast, while working their leg muscles. They are also popular for body surfing.

The Unique Features of DMC Elite Fins

The silicon material makes them comfortable and durable. There is nothing worse than getting blisters from wearing fins. The material is gentle on feet. The durability of these fins will also outlast any other tool in your swim bag.

The design gives even thrust to work both the up-kick and down-kick. One of the keys to having a fast kick is evenly kicking both ways. Silicon is denser than water, keeping feet below the surface. It also prevents beginners from using the peddling motion: #NotAthleteApproved.

The heal pocket will help ankle flexibility increase. Studies have shown ankle flexibility can be more important than leg strength. Have you ever seen a swimmer kick and go backwards. We are talking to all you runners out there. The more flexion in the ankle, the more effective the kick.

We do not recommend walking far distances on land with the fins. If you must, the grip on the bottom of the fin makes them less hazardous when walking.

Athlete Approved Tip: Walking backwards is the safest way to walk when wearing fins. #LessTumbles #MoreTumbleTurns!

The toe-drain-release design helps the fins stay in place on push offs and dives. There is nothing worse than losing your fin mid-lap.

Swim Fast and Look Great

Sometimes you just want to pop on your fins and swim fast! There is nothing wrong with that. There are few better feelings than water quickly rushing past your face.

And with the different fluorescent colors you are bound to look good!

Sizing Your Fin

Note the sizing of the DMC Elite Fins is label in US Men/Women and Euro. Please reference the sizing chart in the image gallery.

If your fin is too big a regular cotton sock can help it stay on. Or if you would rather have something more durable, try a swim sock. These are also great for kids with growing feet.


The Athlete Approved Guide to Using Fins for Lap Swimming

the best fins for lap swimming
View our article on the best fins for lap swimming. DMC Elite Fins are our top pick!

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Fluro, Hot Pink, Charcoal, Blue Ice, Bronze, UV Color Change Orange, UV Color Change Lemon Yellow, UV Color Change Plum Purple, UV Color Change Sky Blue


Extra Small: US Mens 3.5 / Ladies 5, Small: US Mens 4-5 / Ladies 6-7, Medium: US Mens 6-7 / Ladies 8-9, Medium Large: US Mens 8-9 / Ladies 10-11, Large: US Mens 10-11 / Ladies 11-12, Extra Large: US Mens 12-13 / Ladies 13+

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  1. Matt

    Great product! I’m a fitness/recreational lap swimmer and these are a regualr part of my workouts. Gives a great workout but not so much of a fin that you can coast. These make you work for it. No blisters. Easy on and off. I’ve given two pair as gifts and they’ve been well liked.

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