Our mission is simple: Help our audience become better athletes by promoting fantastic ideas and products. Our team is dedicated to helping swimmers improve their technique, fitness, and mindset. 

We’ve spent years testing and trying out tools and techniques. Athlete Approved recommendations are time-tested and approved by some of the most experienced swimmers and coaches in the world. If we don’t love it, we won’t recommend it.

We share the things that have helped us improve as athletes, so you too can reach your goals faster!

Who Should Use Athlete Approved?

Everyone is an athlete. Athlete Approved provides value to beginners researching how-to-articles, veterans looking to perfect their craft, weekenders looking to stay fit, and individuals who do not even play sports but are looking for education on mindset.

Who We Are

We deliver well rounded content through our well rounded team. Athlete Approved ambassadors consists of Olympic swimmers, Olympic hopefuls, elite coaches, and swimmers just trying to stay healthy.

We believe that a true athlete is someone who can be put in any adverse situation. They face it head on and adapt. The best athletes make themselves and those around them better.

Athlete Approved

Taking Action

There is little funding to support the Olympic dream – so we are taking action. A cornerstone motivation of Athlete Approved is to help support athletes training for the Olympics. We provide a platform for athletes to share real ideas, techniques, and products that they actually use.

We believe that being an athlete goes beyond sports. Through athletics, we learn how to outperform our competitors, set clear paths to accomplish our goals, and how to deal with both success and failure. These key learnings transcend into all areas of life. This concept is woven into our DNA.

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