Best Nose Clips for Swimmers

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One of the worst feelings you can have in the pool is getting water up your nose! Not only does it sting and cause you to cough up water, it is completely demoralizing and will stop you in your tracks.

The good news is this can easily be prevented with a nose clip designed for swimming! Whether you swim laps, do water aerobics, or just like to splash around in the pool for fun, a nose clip can be a useful tool for you.

If you are looking for the best nose clips for swimming that will prevent water from going up your nose, then this guide is for you. We break down each type to help you determine the best nose clip for you.

Our Athlete Approved guide to using nose clips for swimming includes:

The Best Overall Nose Clip for Swimming: Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip

The Speedo Liquid Comfort Nose Clip is our best overall pick for nose clips. The nose clip pads are soft and comfortable. They work well for all types of swimmers.

The flexibility of these help secure them to your nose, so you can swim worry free of them falling off (use these steps to secure a proper fit). They are also durable with a lightweight frame shaped to fit the contours of your nose bridge.

No more irritation, this nose clip will create a tight fit with its soft material in which you will feel nothing but comfort.

It fits slightly more snug compared to other nose plugs, but when using a nose plug, the top criteria is to find one that stays on! Nothing is worse than a nose plug that pops off mid swim.

It is a one size fits all and comes with a handy carrying case.


  • Proven – Trusted design by Speedo, who is a leader in the swimming world
  • Secure – The flexibility and fit ensures your nose clip stays in place
  • Comfort – The soft material is easy on your skin


  • Tight for large noses – The fit can be uncomfortable for swimmers with larger noses

Best Nose Clip for Lap and Competitive Swimming: Speedo Competition Nose Clip

Competitive swimmers can race worry free with the Speedo Competition Nose Clip. This nose clip is used by beginners to Olympians. Using a nose clip has been proven to help a swimmer shave time off their personal bests.

This nose clip is a simple device that can help swimmers conserve air, which will reduce fatigue and increase their speed. Nose clips are most frequently used for backstroke. When swimming underwater on your back or flip turning, a nose clip will prevent water from going up your nose.

Whether you’re training or competing, this reusable nose clip is built to last. The TPR nose pads are soft on skin and provide enough grip to be secure but not too tight, while the adjustable stainless steel frame lets you find a perfect fit that fits just right.

The speedo nose clip also comes with a carrying case, so you can keep it protected and ensure that you’re not going to lose it in your swim bag.

It comes in charcoal and beige colors.


  • Worn by the pros – Top choice for competitive swimmers
  • Reliability – Designed to stay in place for fast swimming
  • Fit – Nose pads are soft to your skin and create a tight seal


  • Comfort during prolonged use – Can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time

Best Nose Clip with a Strap for Swimming: Splaqua Swimming Nose Clip with String

What could possibly make a nose clip more helpful than having a string attached to it? If you are looking for a nose clip that you will not lose, look no further than the Splaqua Swimming Nose Clip.

This nose clip has a string making it the ideal choice for swimmers who need to take their nose clip on and off often or tend to lose things easily. It is also made of soft latex that seals out water while providing comfort.

It is perfect for any swimmer looking for a fun day at the pool, ocean, or any body of water!


  • String – The attached string makes it easy to keep track of and hard to lose
  • Ideal for recreational swimmers – The string feature allows you to take it off and keep around your neck when not in use
  • Soft – The latex padded edges create a comfortable seal


  • Durability – The string can break over time if not cared for properly: Be sure to dry off and keep out of the sun when not in use.

Best Comfort Nose Clip for Swimming: Finis Nylon Nose Clip

The Finis Nylon Nose Clip provides maximum comfort while preventing water from getting into your nose. After swimming a few laps or a game of marco polo, you will forget you are even wearing it!

The silicone pads apply the perfect amount of pressure to keep water out. They are designed to create little to no irritation to your skin.

This nose clip comes in white or blue colors. It also comes with a carrying case that keeps it clean when you’re not using it.

This is the perfect tool for recreational and lap swimmers of all levels.


  • Comfort – Silicon pads are soft and easy on skin
  • Seal – This nose clip applies just enough pressure to keep water out – not too tight and not too loose
  • Material – The plastic material is firm


  • Flexibility – The plastic material is not as flexible compared to nose clips with a metal bridge

Best Budget Nose Clip for Swimming: Hurdilen Swimming Nose Clip

The Hurdilen Swimming Nose Clip is our best value pick. They come in a pack of 14, making the cost per nose clip less than one dollar! Do not allow the lower price tag to fool you, this is still a solid nose clip!

These swim nose clips are ergonomically designed to fit with the contour of nose bridge. The durable, flexible material won’t wear out over time.

You will also enjoy 14 colors to choose from, making them easier to locate (or match your bathing suit for the day).

They are comfortably designed to fit adults and older children. This nose clip may be too big for children 6 and under.


  • Bang for your buck – The price for 14 earplugs is very budget friendly
  • Color options – Different colors allows swimmers to pick their favorite and keep track of their own nose clip (great for swim parties)
  • Marketing material – This has nothing to do with the functionality of the nose clip, but their marketing video has “Zoolander Blue Steel” vibes


  • Big for children under 6 years old – The fit is best for older kids and adults

Benefits to Wearing a Nose Clip

Beyond the obvious benefit of preventing water from going up your nose, nose clips can be quite the handy tool for all levels of lap swimmers, aqua aerobic enthusiasts, and anyone looking for a fun day in the water.

And for anyone who says wearing a nose clip is dorky, tell that to the Olympic Gold Medalists who sport these at the highest level of competition.

Backstrokers should specifically consider nose clips for underwater dolphin kicking off the wall. When you push off on your back in a streamline position, the first thing you will notice is that you will get water into your nose.

Check out these methods to prevent water from rushing up your nostrils when kicking underwater on your back:

#AthleteApproved Methods:

  • Slowly blow bubbles out of your nose while you lose buoyancy and pray you do not run out of air.
  • Curl your upper lip to fully plug your nose (if you are one of the few lucky swimmers who can do this).
  • Wear a nose clip!!!
nose clip for swimming

Not #AthleteApproved Methods:

  • Wear goggles with a nose cover.
  • Pinch your nostrils shut with your hand (although that is still a cool dance move). Also, good luck streamlining!

If you are a swimmer learning to flip turn, a nose plug is a handy tool. It will allow you to focus on the technique of the flip turn. Swimmers should use a nose plug as a tool for flip turns until they perfect the timing needed to exhale through your nose.

If you are new to wearing a center mounted snorkel, try using a nose clip. This will give you one less thing to worry about as you learn how to use one.

Chlorine is a common chemical used to keep water sanitary. Side effects of chlorine include sinus inflammation and pain, but using nose clips can help minimize this problem!

How To Properly Put on a Nose Clip

When swimmers complain about their nose clips falling off, they typically point the finger at its design. More often than not, it is the result of putting it on incorrectly or skin care products on their nose.

Here are the proper steps to putting on a nose clip:

  1. Clean your nose of any oil, make-up, and moisturizer.
  2. Hold your nose clip in an upside-down U.
  3. Position the nose clip so that the pads are facing away from your face (to squeeze your nostrils).
  4. Fit it firmly to your nostrils.
  5. When you are done with it, dry it off. Then place it in a case to protect it and prevent you from losing it.

Hacks on Where to Keep Your Nose Plug When Not Using It

Nothing is worse than that sinking feeling of losing a vital piece of training equipment.

Nose clips are so small, that they are easily misplaced on the pool deck. They can be difficult to find!

Many swimmers will take their nose clips on and off depending on what their next swim set is calling for, making it even easier to lose track of.

Here are some techniques to ensure you do not lose your handy nose clip:

  • For female swim suits: Clip your nose clip to the shoulder strap of your swim suit.
  • For male swim suits: Clip it to your waist or tie your nose clip tightly to your swim suit string.
  • Secure it to your water bottle with a rubber band or hair tie.
  • Keep it in your mouth (aka: the Hooked Fish Method).
  • Keep them in their case between uses. Most nose clips come with one!


Overall, nose clips for swimmers are a simple, but essential tool to prevent water from getting up your nose.

They are beneficial for all levels and types of swimmers.

There are several different types and styles, so be sure to use this guide to find the best one for your swimming needs!

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