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As a swimmer, you know that having the right swim equipment is essential for your performance. The fact that swimming gear comes in inconvenient shapes and sizes does not make transporting them to the pool any easier.

That is why it is important to have a swim bag! They are designed specifically to for swimmers.

In this article, we discuss the features to look for when choosing a swim bag and introduce you to some of the best options to bring to the pool.

Our Athlete Approved guide to the best swim bag for swimmers includes:

The Best Overall Swim Bag for Swimmers: Speedo Teamster 2.0 Backpack

The Speedo Teamster 2.0 Backpack is our top overall pick for swim bags. It is the perfect choice for carrying your swimming gear due to a number of features.

This 35 liter swim bag has been updated with a sleeker body, customizable top flap, and hidden ventilated front pocket.

It stands up when empty, making it easy to load in clunky swim equipment.

It is anchored by an unlined main compartment and features a side pocket with drainage for storing damp items.

It comes in a variety of colors, making it easy for you to tell your swim bag apart from your lane-mates’!

Whether you’re hitting the pool for a workout or heading to a swim meet, the Speedo Teamster 2.0 Backpack gets the job done!

The Best Looking Swim Bag for Swimmers: Arena Team Swimming Backpack

Stand out on the pool deck for your unique swim bag, not your awful butterfly!

The Arena Team Swimming Backpack is designed with beautiful color patterns. Not only does it look great, but it is also a functional swim bag to carry all your swimming needs.

This great looking swim bag is perfect for keeping your swimming essentials easily accessible. The large main compartment can accommodate your dry gear, while the waterproof compartment keeps your wet gear separate.

Mesh ventilation ensures a comfortable ride on your back, and breathable compartments help your gear dry.

The Arena Team Swimming Backpack comes in over 20 patterns, so pick the one that suits your swim persona best.

The Best Swim Bag to Keep Clothes and Laptop Dry: Finis Rival Swim Backpack

Do swimmers do anything other than swim?

Well just in case they do, the Finis Rival Swim Backpack is perfect for them.

The main compartment is spacious enough to accommodate swim items and it has a 15 inch microfiber lined laptop sleeve.

The best part is the waterproof bottom and front panel that protects the inner contents of your bag from getting wet.

Additionally, this backpack features a built-in mesh bag, making it convenient to store your wet swimsuit, swim gear, or even a foam roller (by the way, we recommend Trigger Point foam rollers).

This swim bag is built to withstand chlorine and sunlight.

The Best Extra Large Swim Bag: Speedo Tri Clops Backpack

The Speedo Tri Clops Backpack is big! This 50 liter bag is for swimmers looking for that extra space.

This swim bag is perfect for athletes (especially triathletes) who like to keep their gear organized and easy to access.

It features a unique three-headed zip system that provides dedicated pockets for running and cycling footwear, as well as an expandable zip-out drainage pocket that can hold either wet or dry wetsuits.

The backpack also has a separate fleece pocket for sunglasses or swim goggles, as well as ergonomic 3D molded shoulder straps that are padded for comfort and perforated for ventilation.

Additionally, the Tri Clops Backpack comes with a dirt bag to keep dirty or wet gear separated from clean garments.

The 3D ergonomic back panel and soft hip belts conform to your body for added comfort.

It was the winner of the Red Dot Award for its outstanding product design.

The Best Mesh Bag: TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack

The TYR Big Mesh Mummy Backpack is our top mesh bag pick.

(Learn about the difference between a swim bag and mesh bag here.)

The spacious main compartment and mesh venting provide ample space and quick dry time for all your swimming equipment. Shoulder straps make it easy to carry, and barrel-lock closures provide quick and easy access between sets.

The built-in water bottle pocket is a great way to make sure you stay hydrated, and the side zipper pocket provides additional organization.

Swim Bag vs Mesh Bag Explained

Swim bags are backpacks designed for swimmers. They are shaped and sized in a way to fit swim gear, plus your personal items. Many of them are shaped to sit upright to allow for easy loading and access.

Mesh bags are used to hold wet swim gear. They are a good option if you already have a backpack for your personal items, but want a second bag for wet swim gear only.

  • Swim bags are made to carry all of your swim gear, while mesh bags are made to carry wet gear.
  • Swim bags typically have a lot of pockets and compartments, while mesh bags are simpler.
  • Swim bags are less water resistant, while mesh bags dry quicker.

Swim Bag Size Comparison

Isn’t it the worst when you order something online that looks way bigger or smaller than the photos?

Well, the photos below are definitely not to scale… but at least we lined them up biggest to smallest to help you determine which size you need.

  • Over 50 Liters: This is big, but useful if you need the extra space. You can fit all your swim equipment with additional room.
  • 40-49 Liters: This is just the right size for swimmers. You can comfortable fit your towel, fins, paddles, snorkel along with all your smaller accessories.
  • Under 40 Liters: This size can be tight, but works if you have less equipment and your packing skills are compact. It will be tight to fit larger items like fins along with your other pool needs. Some swimmers will pair a smaller bag with a standard mesh bag.

What to Put in Your Swim Bag

When you pack your swim bag, the three most important items to bring to the pool are your men’s swimsuit/women’s swimsuit, towel, and goggles.

Additional swim equipment to take your workouts to the next level include a snorkel, paddles, and fins.

Nose clips and earplugs can also come in handy to protect your nose and ears. They will only take a little space in your swim bag. Place them in a smaller zippered compartment, so they do not get lost.

If you are looking to take care of your hair, be sure to pack a swim cap and chlorine removing shampoo. If not, green hair is cool too.

Kickboards and pull buoys take up a lot of space in a swim bag. If you are tight on space and your pool has those items, we recommend picking them up there.

What to Put in Your Swim Bag

Conclusion on The Athlete Approved Guide to Swim Bags for Swimmers

Now that you know what to look for in a swim bag, it is time to pick one up!

Use our Athlete Approved Guide to Swim Bags to find the best one for you.

Once you have your new swim bag, fill it up with useful swim equipment. Use the below guides to determine the best gear for all your swimming needs!

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