Kickboards for Swimming

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There are many different kickboards you can find at the pool! The best kickboards are ergonomic, durable, and can even improve your swimming technique.

Many swimmers think: “a kickboard is a kickboard, I’ll just grab any old one from the equipment bin.” That plan can work for some…

For those not lucky enough to have access to a well kept shared equipment bin that does not contain moldy and teeth marked boards (for some odd reason children love biting these), this guide will help find your perfect kickboard.

Also, if you are a swimmer looking for an edge to improve your swimming, read on to learn about the different options of kickboards and how they can benefit your training.

Our Athlete Approved guide to using a kickboard for swimming includes:


The TYR Kickboard is used for swimmers of any level, from beginner to pro. Use it to build your leg strength and increase cardio capacity. It is perfect for individual swimmers or teams looking for a solid all-around everyday kickboard.

This kickboard is time-tested and built to last. Its durability will last through many swims before it needs replacing. It may not have all the fancy bells and whistles of the other boards on this list, but is a solid overall choice for most swimmers.

The sturdy material and versatility of this board makes it perfect to stock in your equipment bin for general lap swimmers, swim team, and lessons.


  • Versatile – Great option for swimmers of all ages and levels
  • Durable – The 2-inch EVA foam is build to last because it is chlorine resistant and does not absorb water
  • Buoyancy – The ideal buoyancy for kicking


  • Standard – This is a standard kickboard without any special features


The Finis Alignment Kickboard is an amazing tool for swimmers to perfect their swimming body position. It is our top kickboard to use when working on technique.

The Alignment Board helps you hold your body in the correct position during workouts. Keeping your head in the “neutral position” with your eyes down is key to proper swimming technique. This board teaches you just that.

When using this kickboard on your front, you will have your hands in a streamline and head in the water. Try pairing it with a snorkel, so you can breath easily while perfecting your body position.

This cleverly designed tool will additionally help get you in the perfect position when side kicking and doing one-arm-drills. It is also great for flip turns.

The contoured shape helps you float effortlessly while staying on top of the water. It is also designed to decrease stress on your shoulders. It feels more like an extension of your body than a cumbersome piece of equipment.

The great thing about an alignment board is that it provides just enough buoyancy that allows swimmers of all levels to work on different aspects of their technique.


  • Great For Teaching Streamline and Body Position – Promotes a hydrodynamic body line
  • Creativity – Ideal for drills like one arm or catch-up
  • Stability – The strap allows control without gripping it


  • Strap Durability – The strap can break over time if not cared for properly


The Arena Swim Kickboard is a stylish kickboard that looks great on any swimmer. Do not let its sleek, modern look distract you from the high quality material and great utility.

The dual grip holes on this kickboard allow you to keep a more natural body position. You can also use different hand positions for a variety of different leg and core exercise.

This slick looking product stands out with its unique design, comfortable grip, and fresh color scheme.


  • Stylish – Great max style points at the pool with this slick looking kickboard
  • Grip Holes – Promotes a more natural body position when kicking
  • Function – Allows different holding positions to work variety of exercises


  • Size and Buoyancy – Smaller and less buoyant than other kickboards on our list making it more ideal for intermediate to advanced swimmers


The Arena Pull Kick is an innovative and ingenious training aid which combines the design of a pull buoy and kickboard into one.

It’s no secret that packing your swim bag to the pool can be a hassle. This pull buoy + kickboard optimizes the room in your swim bag by being a two in one swim tool.

It also works great! As a kickboard it offers a variety of hand positions for developing strength and core strength. As a pull buoy it is light weight and comfortable.

The foam material is durable and eliminates the chance of skin irritation.


  • Dual Use – Can be used as a kickboard or pull buoy
  • Easily Fits in Swim Bag  Light weight two-in-one design is easy to transport to the pool
  • Buoyancy – The right buoyancy for a kickboard and pull bouy


  • Dents – The material can damage (so don’t throw this at your coach after a bad workout)


Get those little swimmers in motion with the Finis Junior Foam Kickboard. This kickboard is our go-to tool for teaching kids how to swim and train their kick. It is light, simple, and perfect for young swimmers.

The junior size is designed for smaller and lighter bodied swimmers who are just learning to swim. Kiddos can building leg strength while removing much of stress on the shoulders as well. It is also the perfect width for little hands to grab, making it great for teaching “catch-up” freestyle.

The EVA foam will not chafe or irritate your skin and you will feel at one with the water with it!

The Foam Kickboard is perfect for kids, but also comes in an adult size. Be sure to designate the adult or jr size at checkout.


  • Made for Children – A smaller kickboard designed for training kids
  • Shape  The smaller and simple shape makes it easy for children to hold onto
  • Comfortable Material – The EVA foam is soft to the touch and will not irritate skin


  • Chips – For some odd reason, kiddos love biting kickboards and this one chips easily when bitten

THE BEST KID’S FUN KICKBOARD FOR SWIMMING: Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Kickboard

The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Kickboard is a fun alternative to plain, standard kickboards. It comes in Spark Shark or Dolphin Dash characters that will make your kiddo excited to get into the pool.

Teaching children to swim is crucial, but it can be tough if you need to force your little one to get wet. Fortunately, this kickboard is the solution! Your young swimmer and their new favorite animal friend will be exploring the pool in style in no time.

The Spark Shark and Dolphin Dart kickboards are colorful and easy to spot in the pool! If you’re looking for something more than just a board to kick with, this is perfect for you.

The fabric withstands chlorine and sun exposure so you can use it time and time again with limited wear on the material.

*Please note that kickboards are not to be used as safety flotation devices and children should be supervised at all times when swimming!* Learn more about how to keep your kiddos safe in the water in our Parents Guide to Pool Safety.


  • Fun Characters – Kiddos love swimming with Spark Shark and Dolphin Dash
  • Unique Design  Easily to spot and stand out in the water
  • Durable Fabric – Made to withstand pool chemical and sun exposure


  • Styrofoam – The styrofoam material is less ideal compared to foam for longer lap swimming


The Viahart Swimming Kickboard is the perfect kickboard for swimming pick for price conscious swimmers. It has a lightweight feel in the water and on your wallet.

It is made of durable and lightweight eva foam. Whether you are new to swimming or an expert swimmer, this kickboard is a solid tool.

It is designed with two holes at the front for swimmers to hold onto. This helps to learn proper body position in the water.

This kickboard also comes in a variety of different colors.


  • Budget Friendly – A solid kickboard option that is not expensive
  • Designed With Handles  Place your hands in the holes for an ideal body position when kicking
  • Lightweight and Durable – Designed to last


  • Density – Material feels flimsy compared to other kickboards on our list

How to Use a Kickboard

The kickboard is a tried-and-true swim training staple.

The simple way to use it is by grabbing onto and kicking, but there are other ways you can take advantage of the board for more efficient swimming.

When swimmers use a kickboard with their head above the water, it provides a nice break from everyday lap swimming.

However, it gives you improper body position and some coaches adamantly preach against it. There is defiantly a time and place for kicking with your head above the water (like social kicking). It is important to swimmers to know the difference between kicking with your head out of water vs face in the water.

Note that kicking for long periods with your head above the water can lead to lower body and shoulder injury/soreness, so best to do in moderation.

The proper technique to use to promote proper head and body position is to kick with your face in the water.

The Best Overall Kickboard: Speedo Team Kickboard underwater
The head position in this photo is perfect.

The fastest swimmers are horizontal on the water and have a “high” body position. Achieving that body position all starts with where your eyes are looking.

If you look forward, your legs will drop. This will create a “low” body position. This is most common with beginner swimmers who want to see what is in front of them. And believe it or not, this is how experts believed it was fastest to swim before the year 2000.

Learn proper body positioning with your head down by starting with a kickboard. It is much easier to reinforce this concept while kicking with board vs doing full on swimming.

Athlete Approved Tip: Use a center mounted snorkel while kicking with a kickboard. This will help you to perfect head and body position while you breath easily. It is also fastest way to kick!

Why You Should Use a Kickboard

Work on Kick Technique and Body Position

Swimmers know there are hundreds of little technical nuances to every stroke. Using a kickboard will isolate your kick, so that you can focus 100% on your lower body.

Some argue that the kick is more than half your propulsion. While we do not wholly agree with that, it’s worth noting that a solid kicking foundation can help you swim faster and stronger.

Beginner swimmers can kick on their back and “hug” a kickboard in their chest. This will give that extra support and flotation while working on body position.

You can also work on balance and core stability by kicking on your side. Hold a kickboard in one hand to provide extra support (a snorkel is also highly recommended).

Work on Lower Body Strength and Cardio

Our legs are the largest muscles in our body, which is why it’s important to give them an isolated workout! Kicking with a board will help you increase aerobic capacity without waring your shoulders.

We recommend incorporating kicking into warmup to loosen your legs. You can view more guidance in our article on How to Create Your Swim Workout Plan.

You can also mix in kicking to any workout (by the way, here are 100 Athlete Approved Swimming Workouts).

Or even have your main set be kicking only. Elite swim programs typically designate one swim workout a week to kicking, so that shows the importance of working on our kick!

You can also add fins to further work your legs. It is also just fun to go fast!

Mix Up Training

The best swim workouts incorporate mixing strokes, pulling, and kicking. Using a kickboard isolates your legs to work them extra hard.

Swimming laps can get boring. That is why we always use a kickboard to make lap swimming more fun! Not only does it add variety, but also makes workouts more exciting and much less monotonous.

If you do not have access to a kickboard, you can try substituting with a noodle. It will not be as effective for lap swimming, but can work.

Fun Ways to Use a Kickboard

Happy swimmers are fast swimmers. Here are our favorite Athlete Approved ways to get the most out of your kickboard:

  • Social kick: Swimmers kick while they socialize. The nature of our sport limits social interaction. Use social kick to change that!
  • Scull while standing on the kickboard: Work your shoulders and back while strengthening the core to maintain balance. You can also race against a friend! Beginners can sit on the board instead of stand.
  • Tombstone kick: Position the board perpendicular against the water with half of it under the water. Your kickboard will look like a tombstone and your legs will be dead by the end of the set.
  • Pizza delivery kick: Kick on your back holding the board above and parallel to the water. Pretending the board is a pizza, don’t let it get wet or else anchovies will swim onto it. And no one likes anchovy pizza. This is a great core workout.
  • Kickboard duel: Two swimmers kick against each other while holding opposite sides of the same kickboard.
  • Flip turn with a kickboard: Most swimmers will do an open turn when using a board. Test your athletic coordination and shave seconds off your time by learning how to flip turn with a board.
  • Birthday swims: When it comes to birthdays, there’s no better way of celebrating than with a birthday swim! Have your swimmer do a 50 or 100 butterfly while teammates splash water at them from either side of the lane with kickboards. Get the entire team involved while they bond together in the mayhem.


Now that you know the different Athlete Approved kickboards for swimming available, it’s time to pick up the perfect one.

Use this guide as your go-to reference when choosing which board will be best suited for your swimming needs!

Let us know if you agree with our Athlete Approved picks for the best kickboards swimming.

Post in our comments and on social media! We would also love to hear your recommendations.

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