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Tommy Cope ISL Lessons Learned

3 Pro Tips to Help You Mentally Prepare for Your Next Swim Meet

Athlete Approved Ambassador Tommy Cope shares lessons he learned at the International Swimming League that can be applied to any level.
swimming vs running

Swimming vs Running: Perspective from a Swimmer

Learn the benefits, tips, and differences about Swimming vs Running from All American Swimmer Tommy Cope. Determine which is best to meet your goals!
Tommy Cope how to get back into swimming shape

Get Back into Swimming Shape with these 5 Tips

All American Swimmer Tommy Cope explains how to get back into swimming shape after being out of the water for a long period of time.
Tommy Cope swimming breaststroke

Training through COVID-19: The Value of the Journey

Swimmer Tommy Cope describes his journey training through Covid-19. He is a 2x Big Ten Champion swimmer training for the 2021 Olympic Trials.