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Athlete Approved and Pace Pal (Underwater Pace Clock) are putting out a $1,000 Matching Challenge 

This effort is to support Anthony Ervin in his efforts to fundraise for his World Cup Tour 2012. Support is sparse for Olympic athletes and we are taking action to solve this problem!

Olympic Gold Medalist, Anthony Ervin, created a fundraising campaign to support his travels around the globe to compete in the World Cup Circuit 2012. He will be representing the United States at stops in Dubai, Doha, Stockholm, Moscow, Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo, and Singapore. However, his expenses for this global tour are not covered in full. In an effort to fund his trip, he reaches out to his fan base to help raise $10,000.

Athlete Approved and Pace Pal will match every donation until we reach a total of $1,000!

To participate, please email us and indicate how much you will contribute to the $1,000 Matching Challenge. Then make your donation to Anthony.

Time to step up and make it happen! 🙂

POST UPDATE: We did it with your help. See below for article on details: