Ylon-a-snorkel joining the ranks of Athlete Approved products!

Yet another product our Athlete Approved National Team and Olympians approve of is the Ylon-A-Snorkel.  A silly name for a fantastic product!  We like this snorkel primarily because it is lightweight and stays put.  Those are two features you don’t find in just any swimming snorkel.  Here are the official bullet points:

  • Stable-streamline design does not move when pushing off the wall or swimming at high speeds.
  • Easy mounting system prevents vibrations
  • Removable mouthpiece makes cleaning easy
  • The snorkels’ dimensions respect the CMAS standards and regulations (48 cms = 18.9 inches )

Bottom line is, this is a great snorkel to train with.  It doesn’t move around and it holds up to equipment bag abuse well.

A quick video:

If you’re interested in purchasing the Ylon-A-Snorkel, see the link below: