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The principal function of the DMC SWIM Fins is to enable anyone from a novice to an Olympic standard swimmer to achieve an exact balanced kick, while using their preferred armstroke. As well as strengthening and toning the muscles, using the fins during swim training gives the legs neuro-muscular memory so that when the swimmer then swims without fins, they kick more effectively. *Sizes are in Men’s*

  • Silicone material does not cause blisters rubber is prone to. Silicone is denser than water which helps keep the feet below the surface – essential when kicking correctly.
  • Exceptional comfort and reduced cramps: The shape of the foot pockets has been the subject of considerable research, and along with the dedicated left and right foot fins. The heel strap has ankle cut-outs to prevent chafing and all the edges of the foot cavity are rounded for the same reason.
  • The underside of the foot area has a non-slip tread pattern which makes walking round the pool less hazardous, and also means that tumble turns and diving are safer too.

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Small (4-5), Medium (6-7), Medium Large (8-9), Large (10-11), Extra Large (12-14)


Fluro Green, Charcoal

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  1. Matt says:

    Great product! I’m a fitness/recreational lap swimmer and these are a regualr part of my workouts. Gives a great workout but not so much of a fin that you can coast. These make you work for it. No blisters. Easy on and off. I’ve given two pair as gifts and they’ve been well liked.

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