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  1. Bobby Savulich says:

    Great for pacing!

  2. John Seshewick says:

    Helped me understand tempo and pacing!

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  5. Coach Dan Flack says:

    Here at the Baylor School we started using the Forearm Paddles this past spring and I watched as the kids got better at the catch in every stroke right before my eyes – we are so happy with these paddles that this fall they will be a mandatory piece of equipment for every member of our school team and national group

  6. Dave Seshwick says:

    Great tool for pacing! I won’t swim without this!

  7. Liz says:

    We use this often on our team to promote high elbow and a connection to the hip rotation. Great paddles, great drill too! Thanks Athlete Approved!

  8. Mike says:

    This is a very effective device for skill development. We use it extensively to focus on swim mechanics without the distraction of breathing

  9. Terra says:

    I am a fitness swimmer and not competitive. I use to dread high volume lap days. But this snorkel has changed that. My swimming is a lot “less complicated” and I now look forward to training.

  10. Matt says:

    Great product! I’m a fitness/recreational lap swimmer and these are a regualr part of my workouts. Gives a great workout but not so much of a fin that you can coast. These make you work for it. No blisters. Easy on and off. I’ve given two pair as gifts and they’ve been well liked.