DMCswim Fins Added to Approved Products!

We have chosen “DMCswim” fins as our Athlete Approved fins!  After reviewing some great products, we talked with some of the best swimmers in the world and the consensus was that DMCswim fins (formally T2) were at the top of the list when Olympians choose their fins.  We’re proud to endorse great products that the best athletes in the world use!

A few selling points of the DMCswim fins are:

  • Silicone material does not cause blisters rubber is prone to. Silicone is denser than water which helps keep the feet below the surface – essential when kicking correctly.
  • Exceptional comfort and reduced cramps: The shape of the foot pockets has been the subject of considerable research, and along with the dedicated left and right foot fins. The heel strap has ankle cut-outs to prevent chafing and all the edges of the foot cavity are rounded for the same reason.
  • The underside of the foot area has a non-slip tread pattern which makes walking round the pool less hazardous, and also means that tumble turns and diving are safer too.

We use these fins during some of our drills as well.  A quick video to demonstrate their usage:

We are offering the fins for sale with a portion of the proceeds being donated to aspiring Olympians!