Silicone Cap Logo Removal


Completely removes the logo from your silicone cap to comply with the new USOC rules

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Product Description

USOC rules prohibit swim caps from displaying a logo on the front at the USA Olympic Trials. We have developed a solution that will remove logos. Now you don't have to sacrifice your equipment to comply with this rule. Let us remove the logo from your cap, so you can wear the cap you feel most comfortable with!

  • Completely removes the logo from your silicone cap
  • Will not harm silicone or any other graphics on the cap more than 1/2" away from the brand logo on the front
  • We will remove as many logo as you would like from one cap, please be specific in your description
  • Shipping added to the product is for RETURN SHIPPING.  You will ship us your cap at your expense.
  • Bulk discounts are available